17th August 2015

5 tips for redesigning a hotel


Redesigning and refurbishing is essential for maintaining customer loyalty and a competitive market share, particularly for anywhere offering accommodation. Although it can be costly, it’s a worthwhile investment for many hoteliers. Here at Maxtop, we understand that it can be a slightly daunting as to where to begin when redesigning a hotel. So, we have created this list of #MaxtopTips to help you on your way!

1) Design around existing features
If you’re at a loss as to where to begin when redesigning the hotel, have a look at what makes it unique already. What features are exclusive to the building and give it its reputation? It may be a grand staircase, historic dining hall or simply the exposed brickwork and classic architecture. Make the most of these existing assets; by preserving them it will ensure that the final design still complements the character of the hotel.

2) Wow guests with a spectacular lobby
First impressions are very important, especially that of a hotel. Long gone are the days when a lobby was solely used for checking in and out. Customise the lobby to cater for your guest’s needs. Plug sockets and free WiFi zones for those on business trips or a children’s corner for families can be a nice idea. Another way to make your guests feel welcome is offering complementary coffee and water in the lobby to give your hotel an edge above competitors.

3) Don’t forget about the little things
It’s important not to forget the little details that will really make your hotel stand out. A hotel bathroom can easily be overlooked yet can also make or break your guest’s stay. It’s a good idea to change impractical details for more design conscious features. For example, a traditional glass shelf above the basin can get in the way. Why not experiment with different materials and positioning? A material that reflects light is a great option as it can add the feeling of space in an often small room. Our Diamond White Sparkle or Black Onyx Sparkle worktops work well in bathrooms no matter how large or small.

4) Upgrade the bare necessities
Redesigning your hotel is a great opportunity to upgrade the plumbing and electrics of the building. This is especially significant in older buildings. While it’s important to keep the integrity and charm of the hotel, in today’s society, having tired and ageing electrics and plumbing just won’t cut it. Plug sockets and central heating are a given. But don’t forget about smaller details such as a decent shower head and mood lighting as they can make the world of difference to your guests’ experience.

5) Colour palette
A hotel must look uniform as a lot of the brand can be displayed through its design. So successful examples are when there is a single theme, maybe a pattern or a colour, which runs throughout the entire hotel. For bathroom design, some of the most stylish are all white with colourful features. Our White Jasmine worktop lends itself to this design as it provides a striking backdrop against bright bathroom accessories. However, if that isn’t to your taste and you prefer each room to appear as a bespoke, separate entity, it’s important to distinguish where one room ends and the other begins. A good idea could be to use patterned drapes as they can break up a room but are also easily tied back.


We hope that these suggestions will help you with your renovation. If you have any more tips, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch via our Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

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