Maxtop Quartz gives you the best of both worlds. Your customers enjoy the stunning beauty and strength of a solid quartz surface. You love the fact that it’s quicker and easier to install than traditional solid stone surfaces. So if you want to install worktops that finish any kitchen off beautifully, save yourself a job and choose the surface that acts like solid quartz but fits like laminate.

Maxtop Quartz. How easy?

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Installation and Technical Support Manual

Maxtop Quartz virtually installs itself. Our simple step-by-step video will show you why.
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Worktop fitters demonstrate how Maxtop Quartz measures up against laminate worktops



1 8mm high quality Chinese quartz, “V-Grooved” to form edge on all 4 sides
1 Lightweight quartz beam to long edges for strength and stability
1 Polypropylene honeycomb core provides enhanced impact resistance, lightweight ergonomics and waterproof qualities.
1 Custom PVC layer to underside for “box-section” strength.


8mm Maxtop acrylic edging solution is rebated for ease of installation and bonded with an acrylic adhesive. Edging is only required for island situations as Maxtop Quartz is conveniently edged on all four sides as standard.

Maxtop upstands and edging solution are matching acrylic.The use of more flexible acrylic for vertical surfaces provides safer transportation, handling and ease of installation, particularly if walls are not quite true. Maxtop Splashbacks are also manufactured in acrylic for the same reason. Mirror fleck is not included in acrylic.