27th September 2019

Maxtop launches new POS to help support retailers

Unique modular quartz surface specialist, Maxtop Quartz, is supporting its retailer network with the launch of new point of sale.

The new displays will showcase the collection of Maxtop’s ten colourways of its innovative quartz worktop, along with space to hold the company’s latest brochure.

Stephen Moss, managing director of Maxtop Quartz Ltd, comments: “Our new point of sale has been designed to support retailers by showcasing samples of our quartz worktop.

“We wanted customers to easily visualise a Maxtop surface in their kitchen, that’s why the samples provide a truly representative example of the surfaces in the different options.

“While the brochure helps customers further to envisage the surface in their kitchen thanks to the inclusion of a range of kitchens showcasing each décor.

“Showrooms displaying Maxtop Quartz worktops qualify for discounted rates to support their investment in both time and materials.”

Maxtop quartz is characterised by its patented honeycomb interior which makes it much lighter than solid stone worktops as well as being much simpler to handle and install, reducing characteristics typically associated with solid surfaces, such as time, cost and order/installation time.

To order a POS display stand, please email [email protected].

MaxTop Quartz Ltd Marquis Street, Levenshulme, Manchester M19 3JH