13th May 2018

6 essential decoration design rules

The ways in which we decorate our homes are closely tied to taste and interests. Often the most striking and enjoyable interiors are linked to our character and help us reflect our personalities in the home.

After rounding up the initial considerations for creating a foundation for excellent interior design, we’re turning to the specifics and running through a set of design rules to live by when you’re redecorating. Underpinning your project with these rules will help you truly bring your decorations to life.

Give the space a focal point

Every room should have a focal point. Deciding what this may be will shape your room and give a coherent sense of purpose. This most emphasised feature could be a statement wall or an original feature such as a fire place. It could even be a piece of special art or vintage furniture. Establishing what purpose the room has is a good way of identifying how to create a focal point – for example, reading or dining spaces will naturally provide elements ready to be emphasised.

Invest in furniture

Save up and spend more on the quality items and they will last you a life time. Cheaper items aren’t built to last and usually don’t stand the test of time. Pieces that see everyday use need to have their function considered, as general wear and tear can render lower quality items useless eventually. Making long-term investments on furniture also allows the pieces to acquire their own unique character over time, with patina and daily wear adding to their charm.

Utilise different textures

Texture gives depth to a room, whilst also providing visual contrasts and a touch of homeliness. Leather creates a sense of luxury, but often needs off-setting with soft fabric items such as rugs and cushions to introduce a warm, comforting counterpoint. Texture can also be introduced via different types of wood and wood-effect, whether in the context of flooring, furniture and accessories. Marrying darker tones can create a traditional rustic feel, whilst bleached wooden tones are ideal for crafting Scandinavian-inspired ambience.

Decorate your walls

Walls literally provide a blank canvas for decoration and are one of the most impactful and immediate areas to decorate if you want to project your own personality onto a space. Framed art, posters and photography are great ways to introduce your tastes and can be used to provide a focal point. The way you hang wall art is down to personal preference and the style of your space. If your style is minimalistic then a simple, centrally placed position will add symmetry, whereas a more bohemian approach might benefit from a busier style of placement.

Use lighting to shape ambience

Lighting is fundamental to atmosphere and often serves as the final piece of the jigsaw. Lighting works on an aesthetic level, providing the option to introduce period design styles and statement pieces, whether these are art deco floor lamps or industrial-style pendants. As well as possessing a great influence on style, their functional relationship to the ambience of your space shouldn’t be ignored. It’s important to refrain from over-lighting and the emphasis should be on multiple light sources providing a warm glow rather than a sharp, bright light.

Decide on your colour palette

Colour has a huge impact on the ambience of a space, so deciding on a theme and a palette is often crucial. From monochrome and pastel shades to earthy tones and garish accents, there’s plenty of scope. Colour choice is of course down to personal preference, but some styles, such as Scandinavian-inspired space, often employ brilliant whites to open up a space. When utilising a variety of shades, it can be useful to follow the 60-30-10 rule. In practice, this sees a dominant tone taking 60% of a room’s colour, followed by a secondary and an accent colour.

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