30th November 2017

Top workwear items for installers

This is Max. He’s been in the building trade for 7 years now, and he’s also a pro at fitting Maxtop. Today he’s sharing his wisdom on some workwear essentials including what to consider and what to buy. 

As a pro tradesman, you need the proper gear to match. I’ve been at this game a while, so I know how important it is to come equipped for the job, and that’s workwear as well as tools. They make the job much safer for one. I don’t care if you think you’re hard as nails, if you get a big splinter in your eye or drop a slab on your foot you’ll lose out on a month’s worth of jobs while you’re recovering. There’s some stuff you just can’t walk off.

Safety aside now, the right workwear is going to make your job a whole lot easier. Thanks to a load of boffins all over the world, there’s plenty of things you can buy to help you save time on the job and work at your best. In a nutshell; the more you spend, the more you save when it comes to workwear.

Here’s a few top workwear items including how and what to buy:

1. Tool belt

No matter the kind of job, it’s always good to come strapped with the right kit round your waist. I always go for leather; it’s rugged, its natural, it’s a tried and tested classic. Always check the compartments as well, you should be after a good mix of strong safety clasps for keeping tools, zip pockets for your smaller bits and pieces and an open compartment for easy access. Most importantly, make sure it’s a good fit and you don’t have to stop and pull it up every 5 minutes.

2. Steel toe caps

Just because you’re working inside doesn’t mean you don’t need to look after your feet. Steel toe caps have saved many a geezer like me and you from an early retirement. Work boots aren’t always hefty either, if you can find the balance between protection and weight, you’ve nailed it. For £50 you can grab some Dickies Cleveland safety boots, they’re a well-established sturdy, safe boot and for that price, you can’t go wrong.

3. Goggles

You might think you look like a clown wearing goggles on the job, but you’ll look a whole lot funnier with an eyepatch. Goggles are handy for all kinds of jobs. You ought to be up to any task any time, so having to go back to your gaff to grab something as small as goggles should never happen. Of course, it’s all about being safe, but there’s loads of fancy options now which are pretty comfy and don’t leave a big mark on your mush either. 

4. Work skin

You know the scenario, you’re up at 5am, get to the job, and the kitchen doors have been open, the heating hasn’t been on, or worse still, the house is still a building site and you’re working outdoors. Even the toughest geezers get sluggish in the cold. These North Face base layers keep you as warm and comfy as you like, and although they’re a little spenny, considering The North Face have been at it for 50 years, it’s worth splashing out on the good stuff.

5. Gloves

It’s difficult to find a glove that’s fits all, but Carhartt has a selection that comes bloody well close. They’re a workwear brand from Detroit, the motor city, so they know what blokes need to work with their hands. Have a look at their selection here, you’ve got to order from the US but it’ll be worth the wait. Safe as houses.       

Last but not least, a bit of warm and comfy headwear never goes a miss. When you sign up to our training programme we’ll send you a free Maxtop beanie… you’re welcome.

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